Emmett Arts is a website containing Art from numerous genres:  visual, musical, daily living, crafts, writing, entertainment, education and travel.  Emmett Arts is Tina and Chael Emmett along with their family, friends and community we are part of bringing together our tribe in self-expression.

      We are located in Tigard, Oregon (SW Portland) and are in our infancy.  My dream is to have more space so that I can share what gifts I have as well as support the gifts in others to be fully expressed.

      I dream of a big barn and name it:  The Art Barn.  I would hold classes, recitals, seminars and events for private use and for the community.  I would like it to be a place people could share their gifts and inspire others to do the same.

      It’s a daunting endeavor, but it feels right, and we are so excited to breath it forward.


Tina Emmett

Tina's end of year 2014 photos and videos 265